26 Extreme Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Does the idea of dinner and a movie make you yawn? Well, it looks like it’s time to amp up your romance with a few adrenaline-pumping activities. Instead of opting for a night of Netflix and chill or stargazing, our extreme bucket list ideas for couples will help you do a little thrill-seeking. From skydiving to paintballing, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Here is our extreme bucket list for couples.

Get fast and furious on go-karts
Got a need for speed? Forget about taking a romantic drive around the country with your partner – race your S.O. around the go-kart track, instead.

Test your paintballing skills
Don’t forget to kiss and makeup after you’re done pummelling each other with paintballs.

Get spooked at a haunted house
Having a ghost as your third wheel is so much better than your clingy BFF.

Take your relationship to new heights by treetop trekking
Forget about doing a lovey-dovey nature walk – navigating around a forest is way more fun when you’re doing it up high.

Visit a volcano
Want to add a little heat to your relationship? Hit up a volcano. You may have to hop on a plane for this one, but it’s totally worth the mission.

Take a ride in a hot air balloon
Planes, trains and automobiles may be more efficient forms of travel, but hot air balloons are a lot more thrilling (and romantic).

Do some rock climbing
…or bouldering if the two of you are seasoned pros.

Spend the day at a theme park
As we all know, roller coasters are an adrenaline junkie’s best friend. Maybe finish things off with a kiss on the ferris wheel for good measure (it’s kind of necessary).

Go head to head in a game of archery tag
Tired of attempting two-person Monopoly? Archery tag is way more exciting than trying to get your hands on Boardwalk.

Eat dinner in the sky
Sure, fancy restaurants are fun, but eating out is way more exhilarating when you’re hovering several stories above the ground.

Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
Once you’ve gotten your thrills, head for dinner at the 360 Restaurant for a tasty reward with a stellar view of the city.

Take a leap of faith and try out skydiving
Perfect for the real daredevil duos, it’s the ultimate trust fall.

Bungee jump
Not up for a full-blown skydive? Try out bungee jumping – it’s got a touch more stability (but it’s still not for the faint of heart).

Face your biggest fears as a team
Write down your greatest fear and conquer it with your partner. Whether it’s holding a spider or jumping from a plane, it’s sure to get your blood pumping.

Swim with sharks
Nothing puts your courage to the test quite like taking a dip with Jaws.

Hit the trails on mountain bikes
Leave tandem biking for the wusses and take to the mountains with your trusty bicycle and bae.

Fly through the air with your S.O. at a trapeze class
Learning a new skill + amping up your adrenaline = a winning combo for a date.

Get down n’ dirty at Tough Mudder
Really, any marathon or obstacle course will do the trick, but this one will have you getting messy in the mud. Don’t forget to help each other shower off afterward.

Walk across the bridge at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Are heights your achilles heel? Take your partner by the hand and face your fears.

Take advantage of the winter weather and do some snowmobiling
Follow it up with hot cocoa (mixed with Baileys, obvi) and cuddling by the fire.

Schedule a trip to the water park
Just make sure to plan your visit for when kids are in school, screaming seven year olds can really put a damper on dates.

Go for a Helicopter ride
Don’t have the guts to freefall from the skies? Take a trip around them in a helicopter.

Test the waters with whitewater rafting
The only thing that won’t be rocky is your relationship.

Cliff jump
Hold hands and fly into the water from a cliff – trust me, it’s much more exciting than springing off the diving board at your local rec centre.

Speed down a zip line
…and smooch at the bottom.

Get into water sports
Wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing are so much more fun with your S.O. in tow.

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