About Us

2life helps millennial couples across North America stay organized and inspired as they enter their household formation years and start planning major life events together—a wedding, moving in together, setting up their first home and starting a family.

Our media properties include a suite of apps for couples, 2life, 2life Weddings, and 2life Baby, as well as, a web site, e-newsletter and digital magazine. 2life is a media brand and, dare we say, a mindset. In a word, it's about "partnership."

We believe that deep and meaningful partnerships are more important than ever in our rapidly changing world, on every level. We sincerely hope and believe that 2life is a valuable tool for building solid personal relationships; we are also excited about forging partnerships with like-minded brands, retailers and companies and integrating these into the 2life experience in a tasteful and meaningful way to build the relationship of a lifetime.

With offices in Toronto, Canada and Dallas, Texas, 2life is designed and developed by 2 for Life Media, a life-stage media and marketing company specializing in couple lifestyle, weddings and gift registry. It is the culmination of the team's many years of combined experience in content strategy, magazine publishing, retail, integrated marketing, IT development, and creative solutions.

our team

Diane Hall

Diane is at the helm of 2life. She is an entrepreneur and innovator, with many years of experience in publishing, digital media and lifestage marketing. She was the publisher of the ground-breaking WeddingBells magazine and weddingbells.com before going on to found 2 for Life Media. She has always had big ideas that were a bit ahead of their time, and she is loving the challenges of the current paradigm shift. Barely a day goes by without Diane exclaiming, "I'm so excited!"

Gerry Brown

Gerry and Diane (above) are partners in life (that is, married to each other) and also in business. Gerry works diligently behind the scenes on the administrative, legal and financial aspects of 2life. He used to be a lawyer, but he likes this better.

A. Timothy Mitra

Tim is our techie. With some help from a few other developers, Tim built the 2life app, and all our previous apps as well. He is also in charge of major technical stuff like our server and website infrastructure. President and founder of iT Guy Technologies, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and Apple Developer, Tim has over 25 years of extensive knowledge of the graphic arts, digital publishing and the creative process. He has been developing solutions since the early nineties working with databases, web sites in php, objective-c, mysql, flash, css, javascript. In 2009, Tim started to focus on iPhone and iPad app development and has published several apps on Apple’s app store.

Lisa Walker

Lisa is in charge of all things visual at 2life, from our new brand identity to the app UI, from the magazine layout to our business cards. Not only is she an outstanding creative director with tons of experience in publishing, digital and retail, she is also super organized and smart and knows what's going on in the world of design and brand communications.

Karen Hall

With many years of experience in the editorial and production aspects of magazine publishing, Karen has a sufficiently broad set of skills to be able to fill in the few gaps left by everybody else, especially when it comes to the nitty gritty details. She is also in charge of quality assurance and customer support. Karen's degree in Language and Linguistics was finally put to good use when she oversaw the localization of the 2life app into multiple languages.

Charles Kim

When it comes to online stuff and anything HTML, Charles is our go-to guy. With his expertise in web design and web development, Charles has been instrumental in building the new 2life website. Furthermore, Charles keeps up to date with developments in software and has a valuable depth of knowledge.

Malcolm Hall

Malcolm is our Photo Editor. With a great eye and quick touch, he chooses and processes the photos that appear in our blog posts about real couples and the Galleries in the 2life apps.

our backstory

2life is quite new, but the company behind it has been around for a while. Before launching 2life, 2 for Life Media had already spent almost a decade immersed in the world of coupledom under the name 2 for Couples: a gender-neutral lifestyle media brand and magazine specializing in relationships, weddings, and lifestyle.

Founded in 2004, 2 captured the many interests of 25- to 39-year-old young urban couples. Our flagship property was our magazine: It entertained and informed couples on all aspects of their lives, including relationships, home, personal style, finance, parenting, and leisure activities. In 2010 we switched from a print publication and became the first Canadian magazine especially designed for the iPad. We also had a website, a YouTube channel, several other apps for iPad and iPhone, and a presence on social media. In 2011 our Royal Wedding app (Will and Kate were the world's most famous couple!) received widespread media attention around the world. With the exception of some custom publishing projects, we have been all-digital since 2010.

Early on in the company's history, president and founder, Diane Hall, had the idea that couples needed an easy way to coordinate their lives together even when they were apart — a communication tool with a calendar, shared lists, and so on. We explored the possibility of a website-based tool, but back then, the technology was just too clunky. Fast forward through gigantic technological leaps, the proliferation of mobile devices, massive changes in the publishing industry, and cultural shifts brought about by social media, and the time to implement that idea arrived. And so, in 2013 we launched 2life, an app that cuts through the clutter in this now hyper-connected world so that two people can communicate and share information quickly and conveniently in a dedicated space. This was followed by 2life Wedding Planner for Engaged Couples and (of course) 2life Baby for Expecting Couples. We still produce content about real couples and the real lives they lead, with a view to entertaining, informing, challenging and inspiring them. As well as being on our website, our content is fed dynamically into the 2life apps.

2 for Life Media Inc.

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