The Ultimate Couples’ Bucket List

Most couples won’t end their days quite as memorably as Bonnie and Clyde or as perfectly choreographed as the (spoiler alert!) dual passing in The Notebook. But the good news is you don’t have to wait till the last gasp to do dramatic things together. There are ample opportunities to get out there and live it up with your sweetie each and every day. So don’t just sit there in your Snuggies eating leftovers (there will be plenty of time for that later). Here is a master checklist to ensure that you squeeze all the potential out of your romance while you’re still kicking’!

Disgustingly Romantic Hallmark Moments
• Two words: tickle fight.
• Get oiled up and get massaging.
• Hide a love note in your mate’s pocket before they go to work.
• Dine out at a restaurant you can’t afford.
• Compose a love song, Michael Bolton style, if you’re confident in the relationship.
• Hold her hair back while she pukes.

• Make your own porno. Yes, the lights have to be on.
• Get naughty in a closet at a party.
• Go to a sex shop and buy something that makes you blush.
• Pretend that you’re another couple that you actually know. But don’t tell them about it.
• Have phone or webcam sex.
• Indulge in a lunchtime rendezvous at a seedy motel.
• Fool around while one of you is driving on a long road trip.

World Travels
• French kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
• Luxuriate together on a tropical beach at an all-inclusive resort.
• Buy a lifetime membership in the Mile High Club.
• Take an overnight train.
• Visit landmarks that you both idealized when you were kids.
• Hang out in a heart-shaped tub in Niagara Falls.
• Link arms and stroll through Central Park in New York City.
• Sleep in one of those nifty ice hotels.
• Go on a long road trip. (See “Sexploits” above.)


Random Fun
• Call in sick, raid the corner store (Fun Dip, Jawbreakers, etc.) and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
• Stay up all night, laughing.
• Stay in bed all day, cuddling.
• Go to a U-Pick berry farm and eat your weight in fruit.
• Hide behind a couch and scare the crap out of your lover when they come out of the bathroom.
• Surprise your sweetie with tickets to an awesome concert.
• Dance in the kitchen to Technotronic, or another late ’80s dance/rap band of your choice.
• Sing a duet at karaoke.
• Beat another couple at Cranium.
• Sneak into a movie theatre. Stay for two movies. Weasels!

The Home Front
• Can something. Pickles, perhaps.
• Destroy a wall with a sledgehammer.
• Make a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.
• Have a classic paint fight. Dress code: overalls, obviously.
• Make a gigantic sundae and attack it with two spoons.
• Take a bubble bath. But don’t have sex in it, that’s just awkward.
• Deck the house with Christmas lights. Outdo thy neighbour.
• Carve a bitchin’ pumpkin.
• Push your partner into a big pile of leaves. Try to pick a clean(ish) pile.
• Renovate.

Sporty Endeavours
• Run a race together.
• Paddle a canoe for two.
• Play a competitive round of ping pong.
• Climb a mountain.
• Go camping.
• Throw something at your partner. Hope that they catch it.
• Take a surfing lesson.
• Go to a major league sporting event.
• Learn to waltz. Or grind.

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