Why Girl Talk Is Healthy For Your Relationship

Best girlfriends tell each other everything. No subject is ever taboo. My best friend Jenn and I can talk about the new perfume we’re both dying to get our hands on while debating the merits of the new sexual position my husband and I twisted ourselves into the other night.

I thought this kind of information swapping was common knowledge to the opposite sex, but my husband’s mortified gasp bellowed otherwise. “You tell her everthing?!” he shrieked (in a very gruff, masculine tone, of course).

So the next time your guy lodges a complaint, explain the benefits that are gleaned through such sharing. If that doesn’t work, just get him to imagine the alternatives.

Masters of the (Sometimes) Mundane. While it may sound like an oxymoron, women very often like to profoundly discuss mundane subjects. As much as men and women may profess their undying love for each other, does this all-encompassing love really include the nature of female conversation? Women love to discuss, analyze and hyper-analyze everything from sex to the hottest spring shoe colors. Men, do you really want to become the micro-managers of these conversations? We didn’t think so.

Devil’s Playground. While girlfriends are by nature sympathetic to each other, they often play the devil’s advocate in sorting out each other’s relationship issues, which frequently benefits the male. Rather than fueling the fire, the best friend often extinguishes it, forcing the distraught friend to calm down and look at the situation a little more reflectively. And while your mate may be dissecting your undoubtedly egregious trespass with her best friend, that same best friend will help bring you back into a more positive light. It’s basically like having your own Dr. Phil on permanent staff–without the horrible international embarrassment.

The Pressure Cooker. We are very verbal and emotional creatures. Most men are not. While I am not advocating a substitute for excellent partner communication (of the utmost importance in any relationship), I am advocating the need for a buffer. And men, that is exactly what a female’s best friend is. She takes the pressure off you in having to deal with all of our (seeming) problems, filtering out the ones that do not need to be addressed with you. This leaves more time for you guys to devote to important endeavors, like the current hockey season.

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