Sex Toys You Can Make At Home

You don’t need to go to a sex shop to find toys for fun in bed. Just look around the house!


Body scrub: Not just for sloughing off dead skin cells, an exfoliating wash can make your touch electric. Spend a little time rubbing your partner down, rinse, then apply your most gentle, featherlight touch. The skin is extra soft and sensitive after being scrubbed, which will make this the best clean sex you’ve ever had.

Electric toothbrush: Any electric toothbrush can be transformed into a vibrator. Wind some plastic wrap around it to round off any edges, and remove the head attachment before you get busy brushing. Run it over your partner’s body, using a little lubrication to add to the sensation if you wish.


Apron: Dressing sexily while doing mundane tasks can be a huge turn-on. Don just a kitchen apron and do your household chores as you would normally. Showing off a little skin is a great way to titillate–and it’ll make cleaning so much more fun!


Washing machine: It has a fast spin cycle and gets nice and warm too–perfect for a naked bottom. The vibrations of the spin will add an extra element to the proceedings, shaking up your entire body.


Eye mask: To add an aspect of sexual exploration, try shutting out one of your senses. Use an eye mask on your partner as you touch his or her body. Not being able to see where your hands are moving, or where you might next place a wet tongue or apply a gentle nibble, makes even routine bedroom moves an erotic roller coaster ride.

Makeup brush: A barely-there caress awakens your nerve endings, making you extra sensitive to every touch. Try dusting a makeup brush over your partner’s body, playing the soft bristles on their skin.


Beanbag chair: An excellent sex prop! Place it underneath during missionary–the angle of penetration means the woman is far more likely to climax. Place it underneath during her-on-top sex and the positioning of her legs means you’ll experience far deeper penetration.


Tool bench: The kitchen table is never quite the right height for sex, so opt for the only worktop in the house with adjustable height. Simply raise or lower until you’ve got the perfect angle nailed. But watch out for splinters!


Hammock: Sit sideways in the hammock, legs hanging over the edge, with your partner standing, and you’ll soon get into the swing of things.

Image(s): Carlos Caetano

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