pregnancy by week

Week 9


Your baby is graduating from embryo to fetus. It may be moving around a lot already, but is only about as big as a grape, so you can’t feel it. Gender is still undetectable.


Two months down, only seven to go! If you have symptoms that are making your day-to-day life difficult (nausea, fatigue), tell your partner how to help you (be specific!).


If mom is suffering nasty first-trimester symptoms, help her cope. (Don’t know how? Ask her.) Remind her to eat healthy snacks and drink lots of water. Cook a nice calcium-rich dinner.


Mom’s really tired, and you both may be stressed out about what’s ahead, so find ways to relax together (but no hot tubs or saunas, please!). Considering a babymoon? Start planning it; during the second trimester is the best time to go. Use the LINKS tool to browse the web and bookmark interesting sites.