pregnancy by week

Week 10


Bend your thumb: from the top knuckle to the tip is about the size of your baby now. Vital organs are beginning to function; limbs are getting longer and forming joints.


Your body is working incredibly hard (which is why you are always exhausted). At least you will have something to show for it soon when a belly bump makes its first appearance! You’ll need appropriate clothes, so start your search: sources include your own wardrobe, friends, second-hand stores, and maternity fashion websites (bookmark your faves in LINKS). Of course, there are also specialty boutiques, as well as maternity sections in many clothing and department stores.


Be gentle and patient. Remember, wild mood swings are (probably) not about you! Her body is visibly changing now; pay attention… and shower her with compliments.


If you haven’t started taking tummy (or “bump”) PHOTOS yet, this would be a good time to start. If you plan to take a weekly photo, choose which day of the week so you can put it in your 2life CALENDAR and set an alert.