pregnancy by week

Week 8


Pick up a bean (jelly, coffee, kidney…) and imagine it with little limbs complete with webbed fingers and toes: that’s your baby this week. It can already move around. Facial features are forming.


Still not showing, but your belly is growing, so start thinking about your maternity wardrobe. You may have your first appointment with your pregnancy health provider around now… exciting!


There are lots of good reasons to go with mom to prenatal appointments: bonding with her and the baby, moral support, and an extra pair of ears to take in all that information. NOTE: the first ultrasound is not to be missed!


There will be many medical appointments. Enter them in the 2life CALENDAR: it would be great to go to all of them together, but if that’s not practical, it’s still good for both of you to know when they are happening. Plus, you will need to make decisions together about things like prenatal testing. Use the LISTS tool for the questions you have for your doctor.


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