pregnancy by week

Week 7


Still developing at lightning speed, during this week your baby will become less like a tadpole and more like a little person (like, really little — half an inch long), with a complete skeleton made of cartilage.


You’re not showing yet, no matter how much you may be feeling: tired, nauseous, and obsessed with food (cravings, aversions, and just plain hunger!). Go shopping for a good-quality maternity bra (yes, there are sexy ones) to support those aching (and growing) breasts.


Mom is probably really, really tired. Help her get the rest she needs: make sure the conditions are right for napping, do her errands or chores for her, and so on. And get on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, if you’re not there already!


Educate yourselves about pregnancy and parenting. The resources are almost unlimited. We have included our favorites in the app; go to the RESOURCES tab. Or use the LINKS tool to search the web; any link you save will be stored and shared with your partner.


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