pregnancy by week

Week 6


Growing by leaps and bounds, now about as big as a sweet pea, baby has a heartbeat and is beginning to develop limbs. The umbilical cord is forming, too.


Hormones are wreaking havoc. You may feel nauseous, moody, weepy, sore, and tired, and your clothes may not fit like they used to. If you have not yet adopted a healthy lifestyle, no more excuses! Eat properly, exercise moderately, and give up your vices, and ask your partner to do the same.


You might be on an emotional roller coaster as the reality sinks in — apprehension, shock, elation, dread, excitement…. maybe even guilt (if you don’t feel pure joy!). Totally normal. This is, after all, life-changing news. Just be present and involved.


Definitely pregnant? Hurray! But try to keep it on the down low for now; it’s common practice to wait until the end of the first trimester to make any big announcements. Discuss whether (and how) you would like to document your pregnancy: a jointly written JOURNAL, weekly “bump” PHOTOS, a time-lapse video? If you’d like a professional baby announcement photo session, start looking for a photographer (remember to use the LINKS tool for searching the web and bookmarking links). Check out this app’s GALLERIES for photo inspirations.


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