pregnancy by week

Week 36


At this point, there are very few fruits and vegetables that compare to baby’s weight and size. Hint: they are so big and heavy, most of them grow on the ground. Baby will soon head in that direction, dropping into the pelvis.


In preparation for feedings at home, set up a nursing “station” with a comfortable chair, a nursing pillow, and an easily reached side table with a lamp, supplies (tissues, burping cloths), and books you’ve been meaning to read.


More baby showers are co-ed these days, but if you have been left out so far, you could throw yourself a “baby kegger” a.k.a. “diaper keg” a.k.a. “dadchelor party” (or drop your best buddy a hint).


Continue to stock up the freezer with ready-to-reheat meals and/or collect take-out menus from local restaurants (or bookmark their websites in LINKS). Gather up the clothes and linens your newborn will need and launder them. (Tip: There might be some things you could return or exchange if you end up not needing them, such as fancy outfits that turn out to be impractical or too small, so resist the urge to remove packaging or tags from items whose utility is dubious. You can always wash them later.)