pregnancy by week

Week 35


Baby is just about ready for the outside world. A few finishing touches, a bit more fat, then it’s all systems go!


These last few weeks may feel like forever. Ask your partner to spend some time relaxing with you. You might be tempted to binge-watch a TV series to help pass the time!


You will be mom’s advocate during labor and delivery (even if you are not actually in the room), so be prepared. Know the birth plan (enter it in a shared JOURNAL), including her wishes regarding pain management, etc. She might lose her cool, so you’ll need to keep yours, especially when things don’t go as planned (they almost never do, but don’t worry: they rarely go really wrong).


Practice your relaxation techniques together. Also practice getting to baby’s birthplace: find the quickest route, an alternative route, where to park, and where to enter the building. If planning a home birth, assemble the necessary supplies.