pregnancy by week

Week 34


It’s getting to be such a tight fit in there, baby may be moving around less now. There’s a lot of peeing going on, though!


Take it easy, mom. Slow down and rest up. This would be a good time to line up helpers who will be available at a moment’s notice to look after your pets, get your mail, etc. Oh, and remember to sing to baby and to acknowledge your partner for being awesome.


Still giving mom a massage now and then? She may ask you to massage her perineum in preparation for delivery. Do some research before you, um, dive in.


Decide how you will announce the baby’s arrival. If you’d like to do something creative or elaborate, better get working on it. Make a LIST of people (close friends and family) you will break the news to personally (and immediately!); maybe organize a phone tree so you don’t have to make all the calls yourselves.