pregnancy by week

Week 28


As your baby gets bigger, there’s less room to move around in there — so, fewer somersaults. But junior’s practicing lots of smaller movements, like blinking, sucking, turning of the head, and breathing. And still kicking (as mom well knows).


Those Braxton Hicks contractions probably have you wondering what real labor will be like. No doubt you are hearing lots of stories, too. Don’t let fear get the better of you. Childbirth is an awe-inspiring experience, and your body is designed for it. If your anxiety is severe, consult your care provider.


If your baby is a boy, will you have him circumcised? This may be a touchy subject. Discuss it with mom well ahead of time. Come to an informed decision, not an emotional one, together.


During the third trimester, there are more frequent appointments with your doctor or midwife. (Enter them in the CALENDAR.) Nail down your plans and expectations for labor and delivery; for example, will you have a doula or birth coach? You should also be looking for a pediatrician.