pregnancy by week

Week 27


Now over a foot long (though tucked into the fetal position), baby’s showing brain activity and may even be dreaming already. Hiccups are happening sometimes.


Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and start shopping for (or borrowing) clothes designed for nursing moms. (Yes, there are sexy nursing bras!) Don’t forget to add nursing gear to your shopping list or registry (nursing pillow, breast pump, etc.). Tip: keep nursing items in their packaging until you know you will need them; although breastfeeding is definitely desirable, it is not inevitable.


By now, you might be able to hear baby’s heartbeat if you put your ear to mom’s tummy. (Hey, it’s certainly worth a try.) Say hello while you’re down there.


This is a good time to get some stuff done: preparing the nursery, stocking up the freezer and pantry, gathering supplies for the birth, and so on. Also think ahead a few months: is there anything coming up that you could deal with ahead of time? (After baby arrives, you might — um, will — be a bit overwhelmed.)


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