pregnancy by week

Week 29


Baby is about the size of your average butternut squash, but is only about half (or less) of its full-term weight. Calcium is accumulating in the bones, making its skeleton harder.


It bears repeating: every pregnancy is unique. Books, websites and apps have plenty of information and advice, but none is a substitute for a professional practitioner. Worried or curious about something? Keep a LIST of questions for your next appointment. If it seems urgent, pick up the phone. On a lighter note: you are probably close to just the right time for maternity portraits. Check out our GALLERIES for inspiration.


Chances are everything is fine, but make sure you have all the phone numbers you might need in case of an emergency. Program them into your cell phone, and make sure mom has them on hers, too.


Baby’s nutritional demands are increasing, so eating well is more important than ever; mom needs lots of calcium for baby’s bones, for one thing. Cook nutritious meals together; make extra servings to stash in the freezer. BTW, if you’re planning a newborn shoot, line up a photographer.