pregnancy by week

Week 26


The brain development is intense, and so is growth. But most exciting this week: baby will soon open its eyes for the first time. Not that there’s much to see in there.


Chances are you are suffering from pregnancy insomnia. Do you need help coping? For example, you might sleep better if you had the bed to yourself. (So might your partner, for that matter. You should still get together for cuddles, though!)


Try shining a flashlight against mom’s tummy to see if you get a reaction from junior, who is sensitive to light now. You might even be able to feel movement. BTW, it’s probably getting harder for mom to do stuff, especially if she’s really tired, so you will have to pick up the slack.


There are likely baby showers being planned, so make sure your baby registry is ready. Include gift cards, if you can; these will come in handy later when you have a better idea of what you need. Also ask about the return policy: a few months in, you may decide to exchange some snazzy gizmo you’ll never use for, say, more diapers.


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