pregnancy by week

Week 25


The lungs are developing rapidly and the nostrils are opening… baby is getting ready to breathe.


Do you feel like you’re running out of time? The next couple of weeks are a good time to tackle your remaining to-do’s. You may even be feeling the “nesting” instinct. But don’t stress out or over-exert yourself. Enlist some help from your partner, friends, or family, if you need it.


A body pillow would make a great gift for mom around now, as she finds it increasingly difficult to sleep comfortably. And a bouquet of flowers wouldn’t hurt.


Discuss the logistics of life with a newborn, if you haven’t already, and try to get on the same page. Breastfeeding in public, where baby will sleep, cloth versus disposable diapers, how soon to go back to work… there’s a lot to talk about. It’s not too soon to arrange for childcare, if you’ll need it.