pregnancy by week

Week 24


Baby is filling out; in fact, there’s a major growth spurt going on. The skin is becoming opaque, and the face is fully formed with all its features in the right places (phew!).


Learn the signs of preterm labor, just in case. Your partner should know them too. This is just a precaution; don’t let it stress you out.


Be a hands-on helper and start practicing your massage techniques (there are videos galore on YouTube). Mom will really appreciate some pampering over the coming weeks. And arrange some pampering for yourself as well — maybe book a massage of your own.


Clean out the freezer in preparation for storing pre-cooked meals (and, eventually, homemade baby food). You might even consider acquiring a chest freezer, if you don’t already have one. Look for freezer-friendly recipes and schedule time to cook together. When baby arrives, you’ll be grateful for a well-stocked freezer.