pregnancy by week

Week 21


Your baby weighs roughly the same as a can of soup and is steadily gaining fat. Junior is asleep at least half the time, but when awake he’s enjoying swimming around while there’s still room.


Start (if you haven’t already!) thinking about the stuff you will need to acquire. Try to distinguish between what you need (not all that much, if you go the minimalist route) and what you want (oh, the temptations that await you!). Check out the 2life LISTS feature and the GALLERIES. Consult with your partner about a baby gift registry and visit the REGISTRY tab in this app.


Get involved in deciding on your baby gear “philosophy” (latest and greatest? minimalist? eco-friendly?) and shopping and/or registering for what you need. At the very least, choosing bigger-ticket items, like a crib, stroller, and car seat, might require your input.


The ultrasound, the baby bump, the movements, the eager inquiries from friends and family… it’s sinking in that, for real, you will soon be parents. If this freaks you out, know that you are not alone. Talk to friends who’ve been there… and, of course, each other.


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