pregnancy by week

Week 20


The legs aren’t curled up against the torso any more, so baby is measured from head-to-heel instead of head-to-rump from now on. This week’s food comparison is… a banana!


Feeling frisky? Pregnancy sex can be great (as long as your doctor hasn’t vetoed it). In fact, sexy maternity lingerie is a thing. Your partner will probably not object, and it won’t bother baby either. Not so frisky? That’s totally normal too.


Even if it’s only cuddling and kissing, intimacy is important, so have fun in the bedroom with mom. Assuming you’re both into it, intercourse is fine (the doctor will have told you if it isn’t safe in your case).


Halfway there! Remember to add your mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan image to your PHOTOS. Have you started thinking about names? Visit the BABY NAMES tab in this app for ideas, and start a LIST of your favorites.


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