pregnancy by week

Week 22


Weighing in at about a pound (like a brick of butter), your baby is looking more like… well, a baby. Junior responds to sound (including rhythm and melody) and is looking for things to hold onto as the grip and sense of touch develop.


It’s getting crowded down there as your uterus grows. Your lungs, stomach, bowels, etc. are feeling the squeeze. People (even complete strangers) may want to touch your tummy; allow this or not, as you choose.


Baby is listening… and gets to hear a lot more of mom than of you. So make an effort to talk, read, and sing to the bump. It’ll be worth it when baby’s born and recognizes your voice.


If you plan to document your pregnancy with a professional “bump portrait,” choose and book your photographer. Check out our GALLERIES for inspiration. Schedule your shoot for some time during the 7th or 8th month.


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