pregnancy by week

Week 15


Now about the size of an apple, baby might be sucking its thumb. How sweet is that?! There’s also lots of kicking and wriggling going on.


Make sure you have some comfortable flat shoes: high heels are a no-no as your center of gravity shifts (you’ll be gaining about a pound a week). Be aware, though, that your feet may grow (permanently!) as your pregnancy progresses, so don’t overdo it when you’re shoe shopping.


Mom may be suffering from “pregnancy brain” — clumsiness, butterfingers, forgetfulness. Cut her some slack, and help out if you can. Whatever you do, don’t tease her!


For many pregnant women, the second trimester is the “sweet spot” between the fatigue and nausea of the first trimester and the discomfort of the growing baby bump in the third. Make the most of the next few weeks! Spend some quality time together (weekend getaway, anyone?) and tackle your joint projects.