pregnancy by week

Week 16


Baby is now “breathing” amniotic fluid. The ears are developing, and so is baby’s sense of hearing.


You soon may detect a kind of fluttering in your tummy — like there’s a butterfly in there. That’s baby moving around; it’s called “quickening.” Be sure to tell your partner, and make an entry in your JOURNAL!


Being involved in your child’s life is of paramount importance; why not begin now? Start talking and singing to mom’s bump. Your baby will recognize your voice at birth, so don’t be shy.


If you haven’t decided on your birthing plan, it’s time to get that settled (use the JOURNAL tool to write it down); consider including instructions about clamping and cutting the umbilical cord (not only who will do it, but when). Also, look into prenatal classes and get yourselves signed up. Visit the RESOURCES tab for our “Childbirth preparation” picks.


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