pregnancy by week

Week 14


It’s getting hairy in there! Baby is growing hair on the scalp and eyebrows, along with soft, all-over, temporary baby fuzz (called lanugo), and is moving around, peeing, and making facial expressions.


It’s time for a shopping spree, if you haven’t acquired maternity clothes yet. A good pair of comfy jeans is a must. The rest depends on your budget and circumstances.


Yes, this is really happening; you (and everybody else) can tell by looking at her now. Support her efforts to look her best. You could even surprise her with a nice contribution to her new maternity wardrobe.


During the second trimester, there’s less risk, fewer symptoms, more energy, and stuff to do! Get to know the LISTS feature; you will need it. And, when spreading the news, remember that you can share PHOTOS to social media from within this app.