pregnancy by week

Week 11


News flash: your baby is still growing like crazy. Details like fingernails and nipples are beginning to form. This week’s food analogy: a Brussels sprout (or a fig, if you prefer something sweet).


You are coming down the home “stretch” of the first trimester; if you have been feeling awful, you will likely see an improvement soon. Hang in there! And acknowledge your partner for being supportive.


There’s been a lot of focus on mom so far, especially if she hasn’t been feeling great. Do you feel like you need some TLC yourself? Talk to mom about it, confide in a friend, or seek out a support group for expectant fathers/partners.


Keep the communication open. Share your feelings and your needs (hey, sharing is what the 2life apps are all about!). Also talk about practical stuff: maternity and paternity leave, budgeting and financial planning, health and life insurance, and so on.