WATCH: Hilarious How To Roast A Turkey Video

Look, roasting a turkey can be intimidating. Should you brine it? Stuff it? Wrap it in bacon? But the biggest concern when it comes to roasting such a massive bird is overcooking it.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year, you will appreciate this gem of a video from culinary professional Mary Risley. Her sage advice? Just put the turkey in the f*cking oven!

“Turkey really never tastes good,” she says. And it’s true! Even the juiciest piece of turkey you’ve ever tasted pales in comparison to other kinds of meat. It’s always just kind of meh. That’s why there’s gravy.

So, take Mary’s advice and don’t over-think it. And if, heaven forbid, you do overcook it, distract your guests from the dried out bird with a variety of yummy side dishes, such as mashed potatoes, candied yams and stuffing. And make sure you keep topping up that gravy boat!

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