32 Holiday Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Ready for the holidays? Push aside gift wrapping, present shopping and NYE party planning this season in favor of some much deserved couple time with our holiday bucket list ideas for couples. From cozying up by the fireplace to kissing at midnight on December 31, here are 32 flirty and festive things you and your S.O. can get up to before the new year rolls around.

Here are our holiday bucket list ideas for couples.

Cozy up by the fireplace
Stay warm and toasty all season long.

Storm the stores on Boxing Day
Boxing Day gets crazy, so having a partner in crime is 100% necessary.

Go for a scenic drive
Before all the leaves fall from the trees go on a romantic outing to scope out the fall colours. If that means taking a longer road trip, make it a mini vacation and stay in a cute B&B.

Volunteer at a food bank
Share the love with more than just each other by helping out at a local food bank or shelter together. ‘Tis the season to be charitable, after all.

Make Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
You may be used to mom and dad serving up your turkey and stuffing, but now may be the time to start your own holiday traditions. Spend the day with your bae making mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and all the traditional fixin’s.

Take a bubble bath
Looking for ways to stay warm? Fill up the tub, turn down the lights, put on some music and share a romantic bubble bath with your bae.

Build a pillow fort
If it gets too cold for camping, embrace your inner children and bring the fun indoors by making a pillow fort. At the very least, it’ll be a fun departure from your bed.

Go skiing
Pack your bags and head to one of the snowier states to hit the slopes.

Have a game night
If you want to make it even more fun, try a two person drinking game. Clothing optional, obviously.

Airbnb a cabin
Sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all. Airbnb a cabin, go on a tech detox and give yourselves some alone time in the wild.

Wage a snowball war
Who says colder weather should keep you indoors? If you don’t feel like battling it out with snowballs, make a fort or a snowman instead.

Head to a hot springs
Want to stay toasty warm right through ‘til January. Up your hot tubbing game by heading to a hot springs resort for some R&R.

Make boozy holiday beverages
Spiked hot chocolate, hot buttered rum or spiced Irish coffee, anyone?

Book a snowcation
If your hometown isn’t exactly a winter wonderland during the holiday season, make your way north of the border to Canada. Major metropolises like Quebec City come to life in the snowier months. If you don’t want to leave the U.S., upstate New York will do just fine.

Heat things up in the bedroom
Is the cold starting to get to you? There are better ways to heat things up than by turning up your thermostat.

Go skating
Ice skating is arguably the most romantic winter activity, so take advantage of the icy rinks and hold hands as you practice your figure eights.

Hit up a hockey game
See how the pros fare on the ice while sipping beer in the stands with your S.O.

Have a holiday movie marathon
A little more festive than Netflix and chill, amiright?

Decorate your place
From picking out your tree to hanging garlands there’s a lot to do to make your home holiday-ready. Throw on your favourite festive flicks while tackling this festive duty as a duo.

Make your own decorations
If you like getting crafty, DIY some new ornaments with your partner on date night.

Reenact your favourite holiday movie scene
Bring role play to a whole new level.

Have an indoor picnic date
Though picnicking is a tried and true date activity, it doesn’t work so well in the colder months. Instead of bundling up and attempting to enjoy your food while the temperature drops, lose the layers and have one by your Christmas tree or fireplace.

Go to a Christmas market
Looking for the ultimate festive date? Christmas markets are downright adorable. Hold hands as you browse through the trinkets and treasures of local vendors.

Have a Christmas music dance party
Throw on some Mariah Carey or Michael Buble and rock around that Christmas tree all night long.

Make out under the mistletoe
Mistletoe isn’t just for G-rated smooches!

Wrap presents
Chances are you’ve got stacks of gifts to wrap for your friends and family members. Blare those festive tunes and do it as a team.

Make a gingerbread house
Holiday baking is pretty much obligatory. Schedule a baking day for you and your S.O. and craft cookies, gingerbread houses and other Pinterest-worthy treats.

Check out the lights around your home town
Layer up in coats and sweaters and take a romantic stroll around your neighbourhood to see the strands of lights your neighbours have put up. You may even be able to catch a Christmas tree lighting if you’re lucky.

Have a snow day (even if there isn’t any)
Fake a snow day and play hooky from work to spend some quality time together.

Make a new tradition
Think you’re in this relationship for the long haul? Start a tradition that the two of you can do every year.

Make a relationship resolution
Make a joint NYE resolution to make your relationship even stronger.

Kiss at midnight
Say sayonara to the year with a kiss – or maybe more 😉

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