Top 10 Man Cave Must-Haves

You’ve convinced your wife to let you winterize the garage and turn it into your very own Man-tuary. Here are 10 essential items for a Ron Swanson-approved man cave.

1. Big screen TV
When it comes to your man cave set, stick by the motto: Go big or go home.

2. Reclining chair
The perfect cocoon from which to watch all your fave teams get their game on.

3. Sports memorabilia
Whether it’s your beloved autographed Minnesota Twins jersey circa 1991 or the Spalding you toss around on the court every Saturday, house all sports merch here–or risk it getting “lost” by your mate.

4. Pool table
A luxury in many cases, (unless you want to live out that classic Seinfeld episode), but every man cave should aspire to this goal. Choose the new house well–and outbid your mate’s desire for a guest room for visiting in-laws.

5. Dart board
Perfect for killing time between commercials and for a little friendly competition.

6. Door
For privacy, of course! (And so your partner can close the door on your antics.)

7. Mini-bar and fridge
Stash away your best pals, Stella and Bud, in a mini-fridge, and keep snack-attack staples like salsa and tortilla chips close at hand.

8. Oversized couch
To comfortably seat all your boys when they come over on Super Bowl Sunday.

9. Phone
Cell, land line, whatever. It’s the quickest way to access dinner (a.k.a. the pizza guy).

10. Poker set
Two words: game night.


Image(s): SX70 / iStockphoto

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