Tell Them What You Really, Really Want


So, what would you really like for Christmas? Another bathrobe, or a swanky new KitchenAid® stand mixer? More jewelry that you will rarely wear, or a KitchenAid® coffee brewer that you’ll use every day? It’s more fun for both the giver and the receiver if the gift is truly wished for, so give up the surprise factor, relieve the stress on your loved ones, and just declare what you want!

And who wouldn’t want a fabulous new KitchenAid® countertop appliance? Along with their iconic stand mixer (which, thanks to an assortment of attachments, can accomplish a surprising number of  tasks), they offer a complete range of portable appliances, including food processors, blenders, juicers, coffee makers and kettles, delivering high performance and, if you want, a terrific pop of color as well. How about adding one of these to your wish list?

KitchenAid® Canada makes it easy with The Declare and Share Contest. Choose the appliance you covet in one of the fabulous colors, then declare your wish to friends and loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or by email. Tell them why you deserve it: “I’m just that awesome!” or “I will cook up a storm for you!” And the contest part? You’ll have a chance to win the appliance you chose, just in case it doesn’t show up under the tree.

The contest closes on December 18. Good luck!

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