Sorta New Year’s Resolutions

Winter sucks. But sometimes you have to stop complaining about the cold, and the darkness and the dirty slush and just get out and play in the snow.

That’s a sorta New Year’s resolution that I’m gonna try out this year: Embrace winter.

I tend to have a “Why set myself up for failure?” attitude when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions because, like most people, I start out gung-ho about getting organized! exercising more! and spending less! during the first two weeks of January, and by February, I have regressed to my natural state: a scatterbrained homebody who spends too much cash on magazines and lattes.

But this year, I’ve wondered if maybe that’s the wrong approach. Why not take advantage of January’s “fresh start” feeling and try some resolutions? So, I’ve made a few little ones that I believe I can keep: go to yoga once a week; bring a travel mug to work; spend more time reading novels; and volunteer to be a blogger for Dare to Wear Love, a fashion event that raises funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

I would add “Do not waste another second of life watching The Bachelor,” but considering I want to keep these resolutions, I decided to omit it. Juan Pablo is just too darned cute not to tune in.

Image(s): Yan Lev