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Polina & Robertas: From Russia, with Love

For their small but magical wedding at Litchfield Plantation on Pawley’s Island, SC, Polina and Robertas imported their Russian and Ukrainian traditions, as well as all ten of their guests.

Polina speaks little English, so Robertas helped translate her vision to their wedding planner. (Fortunately, the photographer, Pasha Belman, does speak Russian!) The dreamy details included crystal chandeliers (outdoors!), a tent frame draped with sheer white fabric, birdcages, lots of candles, and plenty of gorgeous flowers. Traditional touches included Polina’s Ukrainian flower headpiece, a silver Russian samovar (tea urn), and a Ukrainian cake and Russian candies and cookies for the dessert table.

The minister learned enough Russian for part of the ceremony, much to the delight of the guests. Everyone dined together at a big round table. The couple ended the evening by dancing to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” under a chandelier hung in a 300-year-old oak tree overlooking the rice marsh.

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Wedding Makers:
Photographer: Pasha Belman Photography //Hair Stylist: Ami Creations //Caterer: Creative Catering//Cake Designer: Croissants Bistro and Bakery//Event Planner: Gigi Noelle Events//Event Venue: Litchfield Plantation//Ceremony Location: Litchfield Plantation//Other: Pasha Belman Photography//Professional: Pasha Belman Photography//DJ: Paul Matthews Entertainment//Cinema and Video: Reel Weddings

Image(s): Pasha Belman Photography

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