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Maja & Patrick: Destination Iceland

Here is something truly unusual: a wedding story and travel story in one. Maja and Patrick’s families and friends live all over the world, so they decided that instead of having them all travel to a traditional wedding, they would “elope” instead… in Iceland.

With their intrepid photographer, Mait Juriado of M&J Studios, tagging along, the couple explored the magical landscape, posing for portraits in stunning settings. “Iceland turned out to be the perfect destination – so much more breathtaking in person. We fell in love with its romantic, melancholy scenery. Every turn of the road brought us to new, spectacular views. In fact, we were so enamoured, we drove 800 kilometres over the two wedding days ever in search of new vistas (which Mait so beautifully captured!) and we already can’t wait to go back.”

In spite of some challenging weather, including a fierce wind on the wedding day, Mait succeeded in creating a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding album for Maja and Patrick. We’re sure they were excited to show it off to their loved ones at the various wedding “receptions” they held later in various locations.

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Image(s): M&J Studios

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