How To Host A Budget-Friendly Adult Birthday Party

Adult birthday parties can be pricey, but Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving, offers great tips to keep the budget down while still being the perfect host(ess).

1. Discount Decorations. Dollar stores are your go-to place for party decorations. You’ll save up to 70 percent off party store prices and the selection is equally nice. Dollar stores also are a great place to find inexpensive wrapping paper and reusable gift bags.

2. Evites. There are several websites, including and, that offer free electronic invitations that do the trick while providing RSVP feedback.

3. Finger Food. A four-course meal takes a lot of time, skill and money. Instead, keep guests happy with simple hors d’oeuvres created in your kitchen. You’ll want to avoid the pre-packaged appetizers from the grocery or specialty store as they’ll cost you 40 percent to 60 percent more than homemade ones.

4. Booze as Gifts. Instead of bringing gifts to the event, ask guests to contribute booze for the celebration. Alcohol is the most expensive element of any adult party, especially if you’ve invited a rowdy crowd.

5. Skip the Cake. Store-bought cakes are often expensive and don’t always taste the best. Instead, serve simple cupcakes, baked goods, ice cream or make your own cake from a box mix.

6. Select a Strategic Time Slot. Plan the event for directly after lunch or dinner, when guests will already have eaten and won’t expect much in the way of food.

7. Don’t Stress Out. You’re less likely to buy extras at the last minute if you don’t sweat the small stuff. Your role is to be a good host(ess) and you can’t do that with frayed nerves.

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