“Definitely More Skin”, Designer Michelle Roth Talks 2016 Bridal Trends

Bridal isn’t just a passion for New York-based designer Michelle Roth--it’s in her DNA. Her parents have been in the bridal business for 60 years and she and her brother Henry Roth (also a celebrated bridal designer) spent their childhoods in their parents’ factories, assisting with everything from design and cutting fabrics, to packing and answering phones. “It’s our legacy. It’s something we absolutely adore,” says the Australian-born designer of her and her family’s love of bridal fashion.

We caught up with the designer in Toronto where she unveiled the Michelle Roth Spring 2016 collection, available in Canada exclusively at Kleinfeld at Hudson’s Bay. See what the designer, known for her sophisticated, timeless, and elegant gowns, had to say about the hottest trends for 2016 and her favorite way to accessorize a bridal gown.

How would you describe the Michelle Roth bride, and how does she differ from the Henry Roth bride?

The Michelle Roth bride encapsulates a quiet opulence. There’s a lot of layering of fabrics, it’s architectural, it’s a very clean line. Less adornment is better. The Henry Roth collection offers a lot of selection for different types of brides. He’s more cheeky and out of the box. He’s a nod to the red carpet and it’s affordable couture, which means the bride is getting amazing value for his price point.

Shown here: Styles Candice and Colleen by Henry Roth.


Tell us about the Michelle Roth Spring 2016 collection. 

It’s definitely a nod to the 1950s. There’s always a respect for periods that have gone before us and we always love to incorporate some of those things into the dresses because it gives a feeling and a mood, but it’s also classic and timeless.

Shown here: Style Voltaire by Michelle Roth.


You’ve said before that you like to style dresses with one essential accessory. Tell us more about the “less is more” concept. 

I always like to give a dress an extra little notch, another little piece of interest. It doesn’t have to be jewelry–it could be a belt, which is done so much these days. I love to work with hats because I think they have a bit of mystery to them and I think they can encapsulate a mood more than anything else. When a bride puts on a hat, it creates a wonderful synergy with the dress. There’s something about that sort of accessorization that is elegant, sophisticated, and very stylish.

Do you see any difference between Canadian and U.S. brides?

Many years ago there was a definite difference in brides depending on the country from which they derived. Australian brides were different to American brides, who were different to Canadian brides, who were different to French brides. But I think now with the globalization of information and with having everything on our desktops and in our hands, every bride is basically seeing and visualizing and incorporating into their search pictures from international red carpets and runways. I think it has equalized brides. Except, I think in Canada, brides embrace color a little bit more. I’m not talking about red, green, or blue–perhaps blush. I’ve seen that a lot at Kleinfeld at Hudson’s Bay. Style is style and it translates across any border or area. If a dress is stylish and it has good fashion sense in it and it’s priced correctly, it resonates everywhere.

Shown here: Style Vanessa by Michelle Roth.


What are some of the hottest bridal fashion trends for 2016?

The trend is definitely towards body-hugging gowns, lower v-necks, much more revealing backs. Definitely more skin. You want to have an elegance to it. I love plunging v-necks and open backs, but how low do you go? Some backs go quite low, but the brides have an option to build it back up, perhaps with a bit of lace. There are options; gowns can be customized.

Shown here: Style Waverly by Michelle Roth.


What advice to you have for brides who are shopping for their wedding dress?

You want something that reflects an elegance. I always say to a bride, there are 364 days in a year when you can wear whatever you want to wear, the way you want to wear it, but on your wedding day, just remember that you’re going to have photos and make sure that these don’t date you. There should be a sophistication to them that makes you proud of what you chose.

Shown here: Style Vera B by Michelle Roth.


Hats by Leah C. Couture Millinery

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