Why You Should Wear a Veil on Your Wedding Day

Jessica Simpson’s official wedding photo definitely proves why veils continue to be the ultimate bridal accessory. Simpson, with her Carolina Herrera veil worn blusher-style over her face, looks positively demure — yes, demure! It’s not a word that normally comes to mind when you think of the Queen of Daisy Dukes, but such is the transformational power of the bridal veil! Personally speaking, when I first started planning my wedding I wasn’t sold on the idea of wearing a veil. My celebration wasn’t particularly traditional (it was small and non-religious) nor was my wedding outfit (I wore a knee-length ivory dress and yellow shoes!), so why would I wear the most traditional accessory of all? In the end, however, the timeless allure of the veil won me over. After countless hours spent scouring Etsy I found my perfect veil: It was a simple, chin-length blusher that I wore pushed back behind my head, and guess what? I felt like a bride! (Not the most traditional bride in the world, but a bride nonetheless!) For those of you who might be on the fence, here are three reasons why you should take the plunge and wear a veil on your big day:

Katie-Cross-Veils1. Veils are a nod to tradition. Originally, veils were thought to protect the bride from evil spirits! Veils were also used to prevent the groom from seeing his bride until the end of the ceremony. In short, they have a long and fascinating history, and it’s nice to be part of that (even if you don’t buy into any of the superstitions).

Nadia-Hung-Veils2. Veils can be fashionable. Just look at Kate Moss as an example: we fell in love at first sight with her vintage-inspired veil. Kate Middleton was another stylish bride who made the veil feel new again. Best of all, there are more options than ever, so you can pick a veil style that really works for you. Let your ceremony venue and your dress style dictate which type of veil you choose. For instance, a cathedral-length veil is ideal for an elegant church wedding, while a flirty birdcage style might be a better fit for a casual celebration at an art gallery. Veils are actually a great way to personalize your wedding-day look.

Paloma-Blanca-Veils3. Veils and brides go hand in hand. In other words, when are you ever going to get this chance again? Think of your veil as the exclamation point on the sentence: it takes your wedding dress to the next level and declares to the world: “I am a bride!” It’s your one shot to wear a veil, so seize the opportunity — at least for your photos. You can always switch to a sparkly hair comb or flower fascinator for the reception (a much more affordable proposition that switching into a second dress).

Images: Berkley Vopnfjord; Katie Cross Photography; Nadia Hung Photography; Mikaella.

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