Dad Nails Newborn Photos With Gravity-Defying Shoot

Whimsical. Playful. Adorable. These are fairly common adjectives used to describe newborn photo shoots. But gravity-defying? That lexicon is usually reserved to the realms of superheroes and physics majors.

Until now, of course! Uber cool parents Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer created this surreal photo series capturing their one-month-old daughter, Emilia. The Polish photographers, designers, and bloggers told Bored Panda that they wanted their shoot to inspire others to see that “newborn photography doesn’t need to involve weird props or complicated scenery to be interesting.”

So, how’d they do it? They simply laid Emilia on a mattress (their daughter’s safety was of utmost importance) and her daddy laid down beside her, along with simple props, such as books or a hairdryer, depending on the shot. Ania then captured the photos from above. The couple told The Huffington Post that doing the shoot was “really good fun” and led to “quality family time.” What else could you want out of a newborn shoot?!


Daddy-Daughter-Optical-Illusion-Photos Polish-Parents-Photography-Series Polish-Dads-Optical-Illusion-Photo-Series Polish-Dad-Photography- Out-of-the-Box-Baby-Photography-Ideas Original-Baby-Photo-Ideas Optical-Illusion-Photo-Series Optical-Illusion-Baby-Photos-1024x768Adorable-photography-optical-illusions-4b

You can see more photos from Michal and Ania on their website. And for even more inspiration, check out our 16 Adorable Ideas For Newborn Portraits.

[VIA The Huffington Post]


Image(s): Ania Waluda and Michal Zawe