Cozy Up To This Warm Winter Cocktail

Snuggling by the fire, sipping hot cocoa and wearing wool socks are all perfectly fine ways to stay warm in the winter. But indulging in a seasonal cocktail sounds like a way more fun way to stay toasty, don’t you think?! This vodka-based Winter Warmer combines some of winter’s best flavors: apple cider, cinnamon and caramel. It’s basically a drinkable version of apple crumble. (You can even top it with whipped cream, if that’s your thing.) So… what are you waiting for? Pin it!

Winter Warmer
1 oz. Iceberg Vodka
4 to 5 oz. apple cider
Ground cinnamon
1 apple
Caramel apple dipping sauce

Fill a shaker with ice. Add Iceberg Vodka and apple cider. Add a few shakes of ground cinnamon. Strain into a microwave-safe container. Microwave until hot, but not boiling (about 30 seconds). Rim a coffee mug or other hot beverage glass with sugar. Transfer warm beverage to rimmed glass. Garnish with a second dash of cinnamon and an apple slice that has been coated with caramel apple dipping sauce. If you prefer it less sweet, skip the caramel dipping sauce. Top with whipped cream if desired.

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