weekly baby guide

9 Weeks Old


Your baby is evolving from an eating-crying-pooping machine into a little person who interacts with you: smiling, watching you, listening to you. She may even be starting to giggle. Awww!


It’s great to connect and commiserate with other new moms, but be careful of the comparison game. All babies are different and develop at their own pace; it’s not a contest! Similarly, every mother’s recovery is unique, and so is her style of mothering. So don’t judge–yourself or others.


Be sure to help with baby care whenever you can; you learn by doing! If mom protests or criticizes your technique, gently assure her that you can handle it and encourage her to use the time to do something nice for herself.


Have a bath together–all three of you! Just make sure the water’s not too hot and everything you need is within reach, including an infant seat or bassinet next to the tub. Soft music and candlelight would be nice, too.