weekly baby guide

10 Weeks Old


Baby should be sleeping for longer chunks of time now (yes!). When he’s awake, he’s becoming more interactive and developing his social skills, so he loves company.


It’s getting to be more fun to play with baby–and you are his favorite toy. Also make a point of playing with your partner; your relationship needs your attention as it, too, develops and changes.


Wanna get physical with baby? You still have to be gentle, but you can try some fun new activities, such as this one: lie on your back with your knees bent and feet up; rest baby on his tummy on your shins (facing you) and hold his hands; then move your legs around to make baby “fly”–whee! Maybe get in a few crunches while you’re at it.


If you’re trying to cope with a colicky baby, just get your Zen on. (Sorry, that’s all we got.) Take turns wearing the baby in a carrier or sling–maybe wear your earbuds or some ear plugs too–and go about your business. Baby will survive, and so will you.