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7 Non-Trashy Bachelor Party Ideas

Leave the strip clubs and keg stands to lesser men. We’ve got 7 sleaze-free bachelor party ideas worthy of a true gentleman.

1. Go to a Game: Splash out on courtside tix or throw peanuts in the nosebleeds. Just make sure you pick the groom’s favorite team and that the beer vendor knows where you’re sitting.

2. Poker: Gambling is a staple of bachelor parties, but you can class it up by hiring a dealer (clothed, preferably) and putting enough money in the post to make it interesting.

3. Whiskey Tasting / Brewery Tour: Leave the wine tours to the ladies and arrange a tasting of your favorite aged spirit at a local distillery. Pair it with a visit to a cigar bar and you’ll be partying Mad Men-style.

4. Camping: Nothing says manliness like tents, campfires and not showering for three days. Grab you guys and take to the woods like rugged men of yore. Just don’t forget the s’mores!

5. Be Charitable: Why not use this time to do something good for your community? Consider participating in a charity run, or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. It’ll make you post-Mother Teresa surf ‘n’ turf taste even more heavenly.

6. Paintball: A safe alternative to hunting, paintball allows you to live out your black ops fantasies while getting out some of that wedding-related aggression. Just watch out — you’re going to get some gnarly bruises!

7. Skydiving: This will be a bachelor party to remember! You’ll be taking the plunge on your wedding day, so why not take a leap out of a plane? Don’t expect your bride to be as gung-ho about this plan as you.

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Image: Lani Elias Photography