weekly baby guide

6 Weeks Old


Growth spurt! Baby will be really hungry. It could be a big week for development too: watch for smiling, cooing, gripping, and maybe even pushing with his arms.


There will be a check-up soon; mark the date in the CALENDAR and keep track of your questions or concerns (about baby and yourself) in a JOURNAL entry or LIST so you’ll have them handy at the appointment. If you haven’t already, invest in a breast pump to express milk and introduce your baby to bottles.


If baby is to be introduced to bottle-feeding, this is a good time, and you’re a good person to do it. It’ll give mom a break and help you to bond with baby. Don’t worry, you will quickly get the hang of it!


Don’t forget to use PHOTOS and the JOURNAL to share and record baby’s milestones. They’ll be coming fast and furious now. Try giving the baby little objects to grasp–different shapes, no sharp edges, and not small enough to choke on. And talk or read to him; it helps his language development.