weekly baby guide

5 Weeks Old


Baby has graduated from newborn to infant, and to celebrate he might soon give you an honest-to-goodness smile! Movements are becoming less jerky.


Find a new mothers support group, if you haven’t already. A group that meets in person in your own neighborhood has the benefit of getting you and baby out of the house, but even an online forum can offer much comfort.


Many new mothers have “baby blues” for a while during the first weeks, but if mom’s mood seems too low for too long, encourage her to talk to her doctor. Remember to tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and what an awesome job she’s doing.


It may feel like you’ll never have sex again (or sleep, for that matter!), but you will eventually. In the meantime, foster your intimacy with cuddles and compliments. Get informed about birth control so that it’s not an issue when you’re ready to “roll.” Don’t assume anything; you don’t want any surprises!


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