weekly baby guide

4 Weeks Old


Baby is becoming chatty, if gurgling, cooing, and grunting count as chatting. Neck muscles are getting stronger, letting him turn his head and even hold it up for a moment. He will soon discover his little hands and feet!


Going a bit stir crazy? If you venture out with baby, remember that his immune system is immature and take suitable precautions. Wearing him in a sling or other baby carrier helps protect him. Don’t forget the diaper bag; consult our checklist to make sure you’ve packed all of the essentials.


You’re still busy looking after mom, but look after yourself too. Grab a nap, go for a walk, visit a friend. Ask friends or family to help, if necessary!


Baby’s ready for tummy time. Spread a blanket on the floor and make it a family affair — a great PHOTO op. Start with just a couple of minutes a day, and increase it over the next few weeks. Most babies hate tummy time, but keep at it: she will build the strength she needs for crawling. Make it diaper-free time, too, if you dare.