5 Non-Cheesy Halloween Costumes For Couples

With Halloween right around the corner, the pressure is on to find the perfect costume. For some couples, the “plug and outlet” and “peanut butter and jelly” costumes are getting a little old. Here are five fresh ideas for couples to enjoy this Halloween.

1. Tiff and Mr. Toffee: Channel the characters from Candy Crush, that really annoying and totally addictive game everyone’s been hooked on. For Tiff’s costume (pictured above), get a pink dress, a red bow, blonde curly wig (unless you’ve got the natural stuff), and lots of blush. Channel Mr. Toffee by pairing a red suit with a red top hat and a one-eye glass. To add to the fun, bring some candy!


2. The Royal Family: Reenact the family’s royal debut outside of  St. Mary’s Hospital by dressing up as Kate in a pale blue polka-dot dress and wedges. Don’t forget about Kate’s perfectly coiffed brown locks and a small baby bump (it didn’t disappear overnight!). For William’s costume: Put on a blue dress shirt and some dark blue pants… So simple, yet so regal. And of course, you’ll need baby George (whether it’s a doll or your actual bambino) wrapped in a cute rubber ducky blanket.


3. Tony Montana and Elvira Hancock: Instead of being the classic gangster and flapper girl, why not imitate this bad-ass Scarface couple and bring that ’70s gangster era to life? Any light blue or white suit will do for Tony’s costume, as long as you leave some of the top buttons undone. Add chain necklaces, watches, rings and a cigar to complete the look. For Elvira, rock a blonde short bob and sport a long silky dress — and that infamous pout.


4. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel: Wow the crowd this year by channeling the 50 Shades of Grey characters, this year’s most-talked about fictional couple. Christian should of course sport a killer suit, with slicked-back hair a loose tie. You may use it as a blind fold later! Something lacy and very feminine is perfect for Anastasia’s costume. You could add handcuffs and even bring a whip to add to the fun.

5. Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby: Retro-glam Gatsby style has been trending everywhere, thanks to the release of Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby earlier this year. For Daisy, roll with the short blonde  hair (done up in fingers waves, ideally), and don’t be shy when it comes to accessories — Daisy loves to pile on the shine. A sparkling dress, with a big fur scarf is the perfect outfit for this 1920s socialite. For super-dapper Jay, gel that hair perfectly to the side, and wear a fabulous suit. White, black, blue, any great suit, just make sure you have a pop of color for the tie and dress shirt, old sport!