weekly baby guide

1 Week Old


Wrinkly and scrunched up (from being in the womb so long), your bundle of joy is hungry, exhausted from being born and sleeping a lot, and able to recognize your voices. He will soon know your faces, too.


Sleep (or at least rest) whenever baby is sleeping, and let dad and your helpers take care of you. Take. It. Easy. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, help is available! (By the way: watch for signs that baby recognizes your voice. Awesome, right?)


Look after mom (get her nourishing snacks while she’s breastfeeding, tackle the laundry, etc.) and run interference when well-wishers want to call or visit. If people offer to bring you meals, accept: in fact, get them to commit to specific dates and enter them in your 2life CALENDAR.


Congratulations! You did it — together. Don’t panic if you feel overwhelmed; you are all on a steep learning curve. Switch from your weekly “bump” PHOTO to a weekly baby photo (with baby in the same setting); put a repeating event in the CALENDAR and set an alert so you won’t forget. (You’re in a sleep-deprived stupor… you forget stuff.)