weekly baby guide

2 Weeks Old


Baby is living up to the cliché: eat, sleep, cry, pee and poop–repeat. His vision is developing and he will soon begin to imitate your mouth movements.


You are still healing, so don’t rush into any vigorous activity. Also, you are on an emotional roller coaster, deprived of sleep, coping with a new reality. Be good to yourself. Lean on your partner, and remember to express your appreciation for the support.


Stay involved, even if it seems like baby is constantly attached to mom. Talk to him and make eye contact. Enjoy skin-to-skin time: lie him on his tummy on your chest and have a nap together. And, of course, help with diapers and such, and try to keep on top of the housework.


Try this: when baby is awake and not fussing, hold your face 8 to 10 inches from his, stick out your tongue and wait until he sticks his tongue out too. Start a shared JOURNAL entry to record moments like these.


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