weekly baby guide

Hospital Packing Checklist


• Diapers
• Diaper cream
• Receiving/swaddling blanket
• Onesies. Good idea to bring one or two newborn, and one or two 0-3 month onesies, since you don’t know which size will fit your baby.
• Sleepers. Again, bring a couple of different sizes.
• Hat
• Cozy blanket
• Car seat, properly installed in your car.


• Entertainment. You’ve heard of 24-hour labors, right? Bring books, magazines, music or your iPad to pass the time.
• Snacks. Again, this could take a while. Keep your energy up with your nutritious, easy-to-eat snacks, such as fruit, granola bars, or veggies and dip, etc.
• PJs and other comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. You probably won’t regret having slippers in the hospital, either.
• House coat
• Few pairs of socks
• Hair elastics
• Toiletries. Basically anything you would pack if you were going away for the weekend.
• Inexpensive cotton underwear. There may be a lot of bleeding down there if you have a vaginal birth, so don’t risk ruining your fancy knickers. Cheap, cotton “granny pants” are a safe, comfortable option. No thongs!
• Sanitary Pads. The hospital will likely provide you with large sanitary pads, but if you like to be prepared, you can bring your own. Overnight/night time pads will provide longer-lasting protection.
• Breast pads and nipple cream
• Nursing bra
• Nursing pillow
• Ear plugs. Essential if you don’t have a private room in the maternity ward.
• Phone and charger
• Your own pillow


• Snacks. This could take a while, and mom will need your support when it’s showtime. Pack nutritious, delicious foods to snack on, and don’t forget to stay hydrated.
• Entertainment. Just like mom, you’ll need something to help you pass the time if it’s a long labor.
• Extra clothes. You’ll likely spend at least one night in the hospital, so bring a pair of pyjamas and a fresh outfit for the following day.
• Toiletries. All of the grooming essentials you’d pack for a weekend getaway.
• A gift for mom. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift (it doesn’t have to be lavish) for all of the hard work she did carrying and delivering the baby. She has a lot more work ahead of her, and she may appreciate the gesture. Of course, some moms don’t want a “push present,” so discuss it ahead of time.