Holiday Survival Guide: Waistline-friendly Appetizers

‘Tis the season for cocktail parties, savory canapes and irresistible holiday baking. While it’s fun to indulge over the holiday season, it makes for a rude awakening once you’ve emerged from your food- and signature cocktail-coma come January 1st. Christine Avanti, celebrity nutritionist and author of Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, serves up some tips for how to enjoy the festive season without packing on the pounds.

So, the next time you’re faced with a beautiful buffet of cheeses, pastry puffs and slow-cooker meatballs, scan the spread for some of these lighter items. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a holiday gathering this year, do your guests a favor and serve healthy options alongside the baked artichoke dip.

1) Choose assorted olives instead of salted nuts. Olives have half the fat and less sodium than nuts, but they’ll still give you a hit of salty satisfaction.
2) Fill your plate with crudites and dip the veggies in spicy hummus instead of spinach dip. It’s half the fat, and twice the flavor!
3) Wrap slices of melon in prosciutto instead of serving bacon wrapped dates. It’s the perfect protein-carb combo to stabilize blood sugar and much lower in fat. Oh, and they taste delicious, too!
4) Mini Caprese skewers are a great alternative to a traditional cheese log and crackers.
5) Skip the baked brie and opt for smoked salmon crostini with fresh dill and capers.
6) Serve shrimp or crab cocktail instead of mini sausages. Again, it’s a great protein-carb combo that’s loaded with heart healthy omega-3s instead of sausage loaded with harmful saturated fat.

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