Winter Bucket List for Couples

I know, I know, the winter weather can make you feel like crawling into your finest sweat suit and waiting until spring arrives to start enjoying life. But you, my friend, are not a bear, so there’s really no excuse for hibernating. Instead of committing to a few months of sporting excessive layers and draping your body in down blankets, try heating things up with your relationship. After all, there’s nothing like a little bit of love to keep you warm.

Here is your couples’ winter bucket list.

Stay in bed all day
Who says you need to leave your bed to have a good time?

Have a pillow fight
If you’re not prepared to wage war with snowballs, do it with pillows instead.

Binge-watch an entire Netflix series
A new year means new Netflix series and there are plenty of new ones worth binge-watching. Of course, oldies like Friends and The Office are never a bad idea, either.

Do a polar dip
Feeling brave? Strip down to your skivvies and dip into the nearest pool, lake or ocean. You may need to use some body heat to warm up afterward.

Super Bowl date!
Feel free to wear jerseys or nothing at all.

Try a new winter sport
Channel your inner Wayne Gretzkys and attempt a one-on-one game of hockey. You don’t have to keep score to have fun.

Take advantage of the sky getting darker earlier and scope the heavens for your favourite constellations. If you’re feeling super romantic you can even purchase a star and name it after your S.O.

Have a Fifty Shades Darker themed night
Looking to try something new in the boudoir? Use one of the year’s most anticipated flicks as inspo.

Host a hot tub party for two
Heating things up with a hot tub is never a bad idea.

Recreate your first date
…without any awkward icebreaker questions and a bit less clothing.

DIY your Valentine’s Day gifts
Sure, chocolates and flowers are great, but why not try something different? Craft a valentine, make a romantic mixtape, cook dinner or make something totally awesome with your own two hands.

Make your Valentine’s Day dinner
Aphrodisiacs only, duh.

Create some sweet cocktails
‘Tis the season to put those dark liquors to use. Learn how to sweeten up whisky and bourbon with your beau and try your hand at crafting some new cocktail recipes together.

Find some creative uses for chocolate
Let your imagination run wild 😉

Break a sweat
Do you really want to heat things up? Sign up for a steamy hot yoga class with your S.O. Not only will you break a sweat, but the two of you will get a little more flexible in the process.

Play truth or dare
But let’s be honest, mostly just dare.

Have an Oscar movie marathon
Unless you’re a real film buff, you probably haven’t seen every single Oscar-nommed flick. Well, now’s your chance. Stock up on snacks and blankets and marathon through the past year’s top films. Some can get pretty heart wrenching, so it’s nice to have someone to hold onto.

Have a paint night
Purchase plenty of wine and try wielding a paintbrush and a pallet. Feel free to take turns being each other’s model.

Go on a hike
Who says it needs to be warm to flex your hiking muscles?

Go walking in a winter wonderland
Even though you may curse the cold, you have to admit, the world look pretty darn awesome blanketed in snow. Don’t forget to enjoy it before it melts away.

Rent a yurt
What is a yurt, you ask? It’s sort of like a tent’s more stable brother. And good news, there are plenty available on Airbnb.

Cruise on snowmobiles
Take advantage of the mountains of snow and go for a ride in the great outdoors.

Order in from your favourite restaurant
Winter weather got you down? Forget gearing up in boots and parkas and order in food from your favourite restaurant.

Have a spa day
If you don’t want to pony up the cash to pay for treatments at a legit spa, DIY one in your own home. Get your hands on some bath oils, a Lush massage bar and a few face masks and and you’ll be good to go.

Use YouTube to find a new talent
Ever wanted to learn to salsa dance? Finding your footing is much less embarrassing in the comfort of your own home.

Schedule a power out
Cut the power and just enjoy each other’s company! Hide your phones, laptops and tablets and only use candles for light. Who needs electricity, anyway?

Make s’mores indoors
Put your fireplace to good use and roast some marshmallows indoors. It may not be a campfire, but the s’mores will turn out just as tasty.

Build a snow fort
Embrace your inner children and draft some blueprints for an epic snow fort. Once you’re finished, cozy up inside for a while.

Pull an allnighter
You can do so much more with a few extra hours of time.

Perfect your karaoke duet
Learn to master those high notes and get your air guitar skills on point.

Turn up the heat with a spicy meal
Whether it’s Mexican, Indian or Korean BBQ, going out for a spicy meal is a surefire way to keep you and your tastebuds warm.

Escape the cold
If the cold is really getting you down, escape it. Book a vacation to a tropical location and swap the mountains of snow for sand and seas.

Have a swanky date night
Yes, staying inside all season is tempting, but you should try to schedule a date night out or two. Try doing something swanky like going to the ballet or theatre. It’s a great opportunity to pull that formalwear out of the back of your closet.

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